Our company has streamlined the home inspection process, making it simple and easy for our customers. We can assure you that no matter the size of your home, we provide the same high quality professional service to everyone.

Our Home Inspection includes a thorough visual investigation of the home's readily accessible features, major systems and their components such as: structure, foundation, roof, interior, exterior, heating and ventilation system, electrical, and plumbing.      More...

If you have a persistent problem with your home that you want to get to the bottom of, you want help prioritizing repairs, you’d like to know the overall condition of your house, or you’d like to get an unbiased opinion on home improvements, contact a professional home inspector to conduct a maintenance inspection.

A maintenance inspection is essentially the same as a standard home inspection, but this inspection is done for our clients on a home we have previously inspected. Think of a maintenance inspection as a checkup visit that need only happen every five years or so. A maintenance inspection will help to prioritize a home improvement list, and to hopefully find out about small problems before they turn into big ones. In some cases, a maintenance inspection will reveal that what was thought to be a small problem has already turned into a big one.

A maintenance inspection also gives homeowners a chance to have a professional home inspector answer questions with a completely unbiased viewpoint.

A Repair Inspection happens after you have had a home inspection completed, you asked for repairs and the seller agrees to make said asked for repairs. Our Repair Inspection will consist of a through evaluation of the items that were agreed upon by both parties to be repaired. We will need a copy of the repair addendum which lists all agreed upon items to be repaired.

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