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The Essential HomeInspection

Our pricing model is based on the size of the property to be inspected.  Examples below are based on typical square footage ranges for these homes.  

$250.00 / $325.00 - 2 Bedroom

$325.00 / $400.00 - 3 Bedroom

$400.00 / $500.00 - 4 Bedroom

$500.00 / $600.00 - 5 Bedroom

$600.00 / $700.00 - 6 Bedroom

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Additional Services / Testing

Mold Screening - $175.00 - $300.00
Our Mold Screening Service is designed to determine the type and amount of airborne contamination in the property. Air sampling may be necessary if the presence of mold, allergens or toxins is suspected (e.g.: musty odors) but can not be identified by a visual inspection. Sampling includes 2 Air Samples, $75 for each additional Air Sample if needed/requested. Discount of $125.00 with your Essential Home Inspection.
Chinese Drywall Analysis - $200.00 - $300.00
Standard Phase I inspection which is a visual inspection checking and recording evidence of non-corrosion in air conditioning coils, receptacles and refrigeration lines logged with location. Discount of $100.00 with your Essential Home Inspection.
Partial Inspection - $150.00
If you have a persistent problem with your home that you want to get to the bottom of, you want help prioritizing repairs, you’d like to know the overall condition of your house, or you’d like to get an unbiased opinion on home improvements, contact a professional home inspector to conduct a maintenance inspection.
*Pool Inspection - $75.00
The purpose of our pool inspection is not only to make sure the system is functional, but to ensure that your pool is safe to swim in. The risk associated with swimming pools is that of electric shock.
Radon Gas Analysis - $100.00 - $150.00
Radon is an odorless, tasteless gas that has been linked to Lung Cancer. Every home should be tested! Requires a 48 hour testing period. Testing device will be left on site for 48 hours, after this time period the device will be retrieved and the results will be E-Mailed to you. Discount of $50.00 with your Essential Home Inspection.
Repair Inspection - $150.00
The purpose of the repair inspection is to confirm the repairs that you have asked to be completed were actually completed and completed properly. We will return to the property and evaluate each item on the repair addendum and report back as to the status of each item.
Maintenance Inspection - $150.00
A maintenance inspection is essentially the same as a standard home inspection, but this inspection is done for our clients on a home we have previously inspected. Think of a maintenance inspection as a checkup visit that need only happen every five years or so.
*Asbestos Sampling - $75.00
The mere presence of asbestos in your home is not hazardous. Generally, material in good condition will not release asbestos fibers and disturbing it may create a health hazard where none existed before. Direct samples will be taken and sent to our lab for analysis to determine if the material contains Asbestos. Typical turn around time is 4 business days.

*   Not a stand alone service, only available with the purchase of an Essential Home Inspection.